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Your qigong core-breathing energy coach and trainer

Energy strength points of view in developing and shaping the golf swing to play the game.  I would like to talk about “THE POWER OF Core-Breathing 4 Golf™, Mind, Body and Breath” a program that I co-founded that develops the best internal force, based on qigong developed core-breathing force to shape the optimum golf swing form described in Ben Hogan’s book, The Five Lessons, as the foundation to build your golf swing and approach in the game of golf.

This programs founding principles is my specialty that links and blends the mind, body, and breath for enhanced ball striking performance.

The way I have come to see forces that affect all performance is how the mind, body and breath are linked and functioning together to shape the physical force and movement in the golf swing.

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What makes Touring Professionals shots go awry?

As a tour event winds down and the final round intensifies my observation has been the leaders start missing shots, the pursuers keep executing their repeatable shots. Why does this phenomenon occur repeatedly? Based on my years of experience I see physical changes in their shoulders tension level, which affects the range of movement and ability to create a conscious swing. You can watch TV and the commentators make a comment such as his shoulders got tight, his hands crossed over and the ball went left. Understanding this order is paramount as the shoulders caused the other two actions. The proper way to observe is to watch the upper body and how the shoulders get tight, which the commentators will say the player has to relax or calm down otherwise the shots will go awry. Continue reading

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