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What makes Touring Professionals shots go awry?

As a tour event winds down and the final round intensifies my observation has been the leaders start missing shots, the pursuers keep executing their repeatable shots. Why does this phenomenon occur repeatedly? Based on my years of experience I see physical changes in their shoulders tension level, which affects the range of movement and ability to create a conscious swing. You can watch TV and the commentators make a comment such as his shoulders got tight, his hands crossed over and the ball went left. Understanding this order is paramount as the shoulders caused the other two actions. The proper way to observe is to watch the upper body and how the shoulders get tight, which the commentators will say the player has to relax or calm down otherwise the shots will go awry. As the tension with the shoulders increases due to being the leader and the competition intensifies this creates a real dilemma for the Pro. As the shoulders get tight, yet the shoulders need to be down during the swing, the Pro has to tighten other muscles in the body thus limiting the range and force of motion in his swing. Part of my observation in teaching internal force in the golf swing, is the number one problem that effects the muscle tension in your swing is as a person tightens there shoulders it limits their exhale ability therefore it limits ability to relax muscles in your body. You can see the value of the exhale time and time again as players take that exhale after a critical shot, then the body comes more relaxed. I know the influence of the internal force in the proper execution of the golf swing, and this is what will identify the cause to engage your internal cluing most effectively. I’ve come to appreciate our approach of teaching the internal side which is based on core-breathing that affects the torso and shapes the spine and hips to create a more core related swing as your driving force. By initiating every swing from the same point using Core-Breathing 4 Golf techniques creates a repeatable muscle reaction in shaping your golf swing.

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