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This is a representation and illustration of this programs concepts, techniques, and methods to increase your golf performance. With this program you will gain the knowledge to re-shape, re-structure, and then re-build your ball striking ability. In this program we start with mental, to go to mindfulness, to enhance your physical in your golf swing and game.

Bill Westerlund describes

THE POWER OF Core-Breathing 4 Golf Program.
Does your swing drive your breath or should your core-breath drive your swing???

Core-Breathing 4 Golf – Introductory Video

by Scott Bartley

Creating a golf swing is an act of mind focus to shape the body and then direct the muscles from the feet, hips, shoulders and hands with head coordinating the swing. My approach is to link and coordinate the physical act directed from a mental to mindful physical action and the question where should one start this approach.

In this program bringing the mind focus thoughts to one’s source of strength, which is your core with breath action to engage your feet. This feeling will create an experience of weight in your feet that can be directed in the swing. If a golfer does not have a sense of ground force in the feet then shoulders or upper body will drive the lower body through the swing.

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