Bill Westerlund, Co-Founder | Owner

  • Turned Professional 1970.
  • Elected to PGA Membership 1976.
  • PGA Life Member 1997.
  • PGA Quarter Century Member 2001.
  • I have worked at numerous Golf Clubs, Country Clubs and Resorts during my forty years as an Asst. Golf Professional, Head Golf Professional, Director of Golf, Teaching Professional and Director of Instruction.
  • Qualified and participated in 1979 PGA Club Professional Chsp. @ Callaway Gardens, Ga.
  • 1996-2002 Director of Instruction/Head Teaching Professional, LaCosta Resort and Spa, Carlsbad, CA.
  • 2002-2003 Jim McLean Golf School, Director of Instruction/Head Teaching Professional, @ LaCosta Resort and Spa, Carlsbad, CA.
  • 2004-Present, Head Teaching Professional, Mission Bay Golf Course & Practice Center, San Diego, CA.
  • 2007 Co-Founder│Owner – THE POWER OF Core-Breathing 4 Golf, MIND│BODY│BREATH golf Instruction program.
  • 2009 Co-Founded golf terminology D.I.G.F.A. which stands for “Dynamic Internal Ground Force Action”. How to engage your proper anatomical alignment of coccyx (tailbone), spine and head for repeatability thru core-developed breathing. How to find your proper stance width every time for repeatability. Grip – the most dynamic, physical and effective way to grip the golf club. Our trademarked 4 Step core-breathing process.
  • 2010 Trademarked our Core-Breathing logo with U.S.P.T.O.
  • 2010 Article on “Instructors get to the core of golf swing”, in San Diego Union Tribune 9-13-10
  • 2010 Core-Breathing Golf Instruction Video

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Scott Bartley, Co-Founder | Owner

I started my Hap-Ki-Do martial arts training in the mid 1970’s. As a 3rd degree black belt, I continue to refine it to this day. In the martial arts, we strive to be fast, direct and accurate to hit a target. At the highest levels of Martial Arts we develop internal core force that is used in all effective physical action.

My development as a Qigong core-breathing instructor, is based on the Korean form called Dan Ki Woon Gong, began in 1980. In 1985, a golfer who knew about Qigong approached me asking about how to use Qigong breathing in his golf swing. He was an athlete, played football in high school, and played golf competitively. He worked as a trainer at Gold’s Gym and was a body builder in the 1980’s.

This provided me with an opportunity to take Qigong methods into a new area. Thus began the seeds of the development of the approach we use in THE POWER OF Core-Breathing 4 Golf™, MIND | BODY | BREATH. Using basic Qigong core-breathing techniques I coached this athlete to develop internal force and to direct that force in his golf swing and game. It enhanced his performance. He found a new physical force in his swing.

I have a BA degree in the Social Science of Sociology with minors in psychology and economics. I define the mental side of this program, into “mind, body and breath” which represents ones strength to direct internal force to enhance your ball striking ability.

I have a natural aptitude for engineering. As such, I have successfully applied Qigong techniques in a number of venues including the baseball swing, tennis, professional singing and even stress reduction for participants in a drug rehab program.

In 2007, I met Bill Westerlund a senior PGA Teaching Professional at the Mission Bay Golf Course and Practice Center here in San Diego, CA. We quickly started working on the concepts that have now developed as THE POWER OF Core-Breathing 4 Golf™, MIND | BODY | BREATH. We have incorporated the techniques outlined by Ben Hogan in his book titled Five Lessons The Modern Fundamentals of Golf and believe we have unlocked intuitive knowledge that Mr. Hogan had and can now make that available to anyone willing to work with our program.

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“Core-breathing for Golf has enhanced my performance on a number of levels. It has helped me develop excellent preparation skills, improved my consistency in all aspects of play and practice. My overall energy level and enjoyment of the game has risen. -Grant C.” Hear what other students are saying >

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