Core-breathing for Golf has enhanced my performance on a number of levels. It has helped me develop excellent preparation skills, improved my consistency in all aspects of play and practice. My overall energy level and enjoyment of the game has risen. -Grant C.

Before core breathing my shoulders were tight during my swing and I had a hard time relaxing which caused me to push and pull the ball all over the place. After several lessons, I have learned to relax my upper body and shoulders and drive energy down into the base of my stance, improving my ball-striking and distance. -Troy S.

I was very impressed with the skill, professionalism and fun Bill brought to my lesson. As a beginner, I was somewhat nervous to take a class, but Bill made me feel very comfortable with my swing. After five sessions, I am not only more confident on the course, but I am also a much better golfer. -Kellie H.

Bill Westerlund is an excellent teacher and has a good sense of humor (which we all need to learn more easily). He observed me making the same mistakes on the T mats at Mission Bay for months, came over and offered me a few free tips, and finally offered to video my swing for free. Then he showed me: This is Tiger, this is Michelle Wie, and this is me. Egad! So I signed up and didn’t know how off my swing was until I took six lessons. By taking a video of your swing and then comparing it with the pros, the student doesn’t have to imagine what he/she is doing wrong and needs to do, you can see it. Then he will send you a video of where you were when you started and where you are today. Very intuitive with lots of little drills and an excellent teacher. -Don F. a somewhat senior (71) new player (1 yr), handicap index 25

After just a few lessons with Bill, I saw noticeable improvement in my game. His attention to detail is excellent. He is able to explain the needed corrections in easily understood and practical terms. The use of video throughout the lesson is an essential tool. I was able to get immediate visual feedback several times during the lesson, which helped to reinforce what Bill was explaining and demonstrating. His teaching technique is very effective. -Kitty K.

I took the full series of lessons from Bill because I was very comfortable with his relaxed style of teaching. We covered all aspects of the game from pounding to putting and his approach was always very practical and down to earth, with easy to remember plans on each phase of the game. I’ve not hesitated to refer my “troubled” friends to Bill, because I know that he can quickly offer them some useable advice and applicable assistance. -Ned H.

Bill Westerlund’s “The Power of Core Breathing 4 Golf” is a revolutionary way to re-shape your golf swing. Whether you are a high, mid, low handicapper, or professional, Bill’s approach of Mind, Body, and Breath program is unlike any other instruction I’ve experienced. From the results I have achieved in just a few months I am convinced this is the best kept secret in golf instruction today. I highly recommend you take advantage of this new, powerful, dynamic and physical approach to achieving the proper golf swing. -Adam F.
6 Hdcp. 37 years old.

I have been playing golf for 12 years and have taken lessons for the last six years from several different teaching professionals. When I heard about Bill Westerlund’s core breathing technique, I was intrigued, so I signed up for a series of lessons. What an eye opener! In six lessons, Bill reshaped my full swing and equally important, identified tension in my swing, especially in my shoulders. Using core breathing, my swing is much more grounded and freer of tension. The results have added distance to my drives and iron shots as well as accuracy! I am looking forward to working with Bill on putting and chipping. I have no doubt core breathing will improve my short game too! – Kathy D. 9 Hdcp. 65 years old.

In my first lesson with Bill Westerlund several years ago, he used video to show me how to make the required adjustments.  By explaining how to use my core area muscles to shape my body for a swing and how to tell if I was reverting back to my old swing in over using my shoulders. I viewed my swing next to a top pro to illustrate the correct motion. Bill’s technique to use core with breath in energizing the feet, legs and hips was never explained before and was fairly easy to implement and eliminated a lot of unnecessary motions, I had in my swing. Bill has guided me to reduce my handicap from 12 to 6 and with some short game lessons and practice it should go lower. If you want to improve your game, see Bill and he will prioritize the tweaks or changes that will help you the most, by utilizing core developed breathing methods. –Ed B.

Bill Westerlund and his teaching station utilizing the “JC Video” motion analysis swing system as an observable feedback means of diagnosis.

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